How to Check MacBook Battery Health?

macbook battery health
The MacBook is one of the most in-demand laptops on the market. If you’ve been using your laptop for a while and it's always on low battery, or if you're just looking to see your battery‘s health, then this article can help you. Simple ways to check MacBook battery health Note: These methods to check your Mac’s battery health depends upon...

How to get Microsoft Office for Free on Mac?

Microsoft Office is essential for any workspace. When you have the complete Microsoft Office kit, you can significantly boost your productivity and work through various programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and many more. However, Microsoft Office is not free, and you will have to buy a license that costs around $99.99 yearly to use all of...

Where to trade in your old MacBook?

Whether you are planning to get the latest Mac or fed-up with your old mac, or your old one is too big, and you find it difficult to carry around, you can trade or sell it on various marketplaces without any issue. Below we will reveal the best places to trade in your old MacBook and how to get...

Why is my Mac fan so loud?

reduce mac fan noise
Usually, your Mac fan can get so loud when you’re running demanding software or heavy apps that consume a lot of power and memory and makes your Mac overheat. The sound can sometimes seem like your Mac wants to take off. If this is the case with you, the working of your Mac will get dead slow. However, there are...

How does the macOS mouse pointer behave with the Notch on the Macbook Pro

We simply cannot get away from the fact that there's a notch on the new MacBook Pro. To this point, I do not see the reason behind it but Apple always has their reasons. Just that it takes some time to figure out. There are a lot of questions as to why the notch and how it deals with...

Which Mac is Right for you?

With the new MacBook Pro available to purchase, it will no doubt be a difficult task in trying to choose the right version. If you're already a Mac user then you might know what you're after because your current machine will have been used for some time and you know what software and apps can be run without issues....

Tech specs for the new 16-inch MacBook Pro

On Monday 18th October at approximately 6 pm GMT, Apple hosted the MacBook event. Few announcements were new colours in the HomPod mini, AirPods 3 will be available for £169 and a 14-inch and a 16-inch MacBook Pro will be on order right now. The new MacBook Pros have had a massive overall and everything you can think of managed...

New Apple MacBook Pro with M1 chip announced

What we have all been waiting for is the new Apple MacBook Pro with M1 chip has been announced at the Apple Event. There will be 2 sizes available, 14 and 16-inch. Amazing retina display with a 24% thinner display and yes it's got a notch. The Display The screen has been expanded around the camera which creates a notch. The...

Apple Announces All new voice-only Apple Music plan

Kicking off the October 18th Apple Event the first announcement is the voice-only Apple Music plan costing only £4.99. That is half the price of the current individual plan and make it a lot more affordable. The plan includes the full Apple Music library, including single on-demand songs, stations and playlists. The catch here is that you can only use your...

Useful Magic Mouse Gestures for a Better Mac Navigation

magic mouse gestures
Magic mouse gestures are not hard to do. sometimes you even come across them by accident. As a Mac user, you can either control your computer using Magic Mouse or Trackpad. Both of these options are remarkable and make the operation of the majority of macOS’s features smooth and easier.    From a tech-savvy point of view, the Magic Trackpad is...