What to Do Before Selling or Giving away your old Mac – Must Know Tips

Apple devices are popular for their durability, so selling an old Mac is an excellent way to recover some of the costs before buying a new one. However, you must not forget to do a few things before selling your device. In this article, we discuss in detail the most important things you need to take care of before...

Tired of a Slow Mac? Use CleanMyMac X To Speed it Up

Maybe your MacBook has become a super sloth, and perhaps you’re thinking it’s time to buy a new one. Not so fast! Here is how you can make your Mac as good as new. CleanMyMac X - A real Mac cleaner software designed to speed up your computer by getting rid of megatons of junk and making it super-fast. The...

How To Connect AirPods to MacBook, Even Without a Paired iPhone

connect airpods to macbook
Did you know that connecting AirPods to a Mac is very simple? Just a couple of clicks and button presses, and you’ll be enjoying wireless audio. But the question remains whether you know how to do it. As an Apple user, you’ll more often than not use your AirPods or AirPods Pro with your iPhone whether you’re driving, exercising,...

The Difference Between a 60W and 85W MacBook Pro Charger

It's probably not very often you find yourself needing a new charger for your MacBook Pro. But when you do, you are often faced with the dilemma of choosing between a 60W or an 85W MacBook Pro charger. One thing you need to know is, they both are perfectly safe to charge your MacBook. That being said, there are...

New MacBook Pro Will be ‘Announce this Month’

macbook pro
Apple has updated most of its products from iPhones to Apple Watch for the holiday festive, but the update for the Mac lineup is yet to come. Lately, there have been plenty of rumours about the release of a designed MacBook Pro this fall. But it looks like our wait could be over soon as both the 14-inch and...

5 Best Keyboards for iMac That Money Can Buy

Every iMac or iMac Pro comes with a uniquely designed Apple-branded Magic Keyboard. As an iMac user, you either love it or hate it. Good news! There are plenty of third-party keyboards that work the magic that can vary slightly from Apple. If you’re looking for the best iMac keyboards available in the market, you’re in the right place. In...

Expert Tips to Make Your Mac Run Faster

mac running faster
It’s everyone’s wish to have their Macs run fast as they once did when they were sparkling new. But the hard truth is that this may not be the case. The moment you start using your computer, they start to fill with data, and with time they start to slow down. In some cases, their performance decreases drastically. But do...

Will your Mac run Monterey OS? Check Compatibility

monterey os
If you ever wondered whether your macOS Monterey will work on your Mac, then, we’ve got you covered. Here, you’ll find out everything you need to know about macOS Monterey compatibility. Maybe you’ve heard about the new features coming to Macs with macOS Monterey later this year-2021. Perhaps you’re wondering whether your Mac will run Monterey OS and if it...

9 Best Mac Apps to Increase Productivity

Want to maximize your productivity at work? Here are nine awesome Mac apps to increase productivity. Staying productive at work or when working from home is one of the biggest challenges people face. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the business landscape has changed drastically, with more businesses encouraging employees to work remotely. As many employees work remotely, many workers and...

9 Best Mac Tips and Tricks, Use Your Mac Like a Pro

use your mac like a pro
Are you interested in some Mac hacks/tips? In order to use your Mac like a Pro. For anyone shifting from Windows to macOS, you might not be aware of the timesavers tricks your Mac is capable of. And, since Macs have been around now and are becoming popular and popular, it’s the best time to learn how to fully...