How to Stream your Mac to HDTV Using AirPlay 2023

how to stream your mac
How to stream your Mac display, is fairly easier than you think. You use AirPlay mirroring and send what’s displayed on your Mac wirelessly using your Apple TV. This can be great for a number of reasons such as a bigger display to watch films or getting work done more efficiently. If you have a […]

Reasons Why MacOS is More Reliable Than Microsoft Windows

Most of us are primarily Microsoft Windows users, we work and play with it. We’ve grown up with this ubiquitous operating system and are pretty familiar with it. However, we need to honestly say that MacOS used by my MacBook and iMac is objectively better in some areas. Microsoft has the daunting task of ensuring that its operating system...

Hot Deals: Backup your Mac With This 5TB External Hard Drive Now at 22% Off

UPDATE: DEAL HAS ENDED The data on your Mac is important so it is important to have a back up just-in-case the worst happens. There are a number of external hard drives available for Mac and finding the right one which is compatible with Apple's Time Machine backup software is sometimes hard. However, we've got you covered and as part...

How to Back up your Mac Using Time Machine

how to back up your mac
How to Back up your Mac using time machine is fairly easy to do. You must have an external drive to use with Time Machine. Follow the steps below to get it done in no time. Making a back up of the files on your Mac can be prove vital for you some day. If you're like me, then you...

Hot Deals: Buy Parallels Desktop 18 and Get 14 Mac Apps for Free

parallels desktop 18
THE DEAL HAS NOW ENDED. You can still get Parallel Desktop at a reasonable price. Parallels is an easy way to run Windows on your Mac without having to reboot. It's fast, and effective and includes great tools to simplify everyday tasks. You can run Windows-only apps and software on your Mac without an issue. Parallels have recently introduced an amazing...

How to upgrade your Mac to the latest macOS

how to upgrade your mac
How to upgrade your Mac is a question that you never thought would be asked by many people. However, it is because some people won't have automatic upgrade turned on their Mac. Upgrading your Mac to the latest macOS is vitally important. Not only the fact that you get the latest features to have fun with your Mac but you...

Reasons iPad Pro is the Best Companion for Your MacBook

iPad pro
Even if you own a MacBook Air, there are moments when it still feels too bulky. When on a train or airplane, it is better to keep your MacBook in the bag and use an iPad Pro for your productivity or entertainment needs. If you want to remain versatile and productive in any situation, here are reasons to buy...

Six Bad Habits That Ruin Your MacBook’s Battery

macbook battery
MacBooks are known for their excellent battery life and they can reach up to 20 hours of runtime for video playback. However, there are things you do that can ruin your MacBook’s battery for good. Reckless multitasking macOS is an excellent multitasking platform, but it doesn’t mean you should keep all apps running simultaneously. If you have finished using an app...

5 Features Future MacBook Pro Should Have

Apple fans would testify that recent MacBook Pro models are truly satisfying and worthy upgrades of previous Pro models. Many professionals would choose the MacBook Pro without hesitation and they have no qualms about recommending these MacBook Pro models to friends and colleagues. Despite their good designs, stable software, practical features, and excellent performance, there is still some room...

The New Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air: Specs and Price

In an effort to seize a more significant portion of the market, Apple aims to increase the number of laptops it sells next year that are powered by its newly developed, more powerful in-house CPUs. Since Apple stopped supplying the 11-inch variant in 2015, the company has only made one size of the MacBook Air available for purchase. There...