How to get Microsoft Office for Free on Mac?

Microsoft Office is essential for any workspace. When you have the complete Microsoft Office kit, you can significantly boost your productivity and work through various programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and many more. However, Microsoft Office is not free, and you will have to buy a license that costs around $99.99 yearly […]
reduce mac fan noise

Why is my Mac fan so loud?

Usually, your Mac fan can get so loud when you’re running demanding software or heavy apps that consume a lot of power and memory and makes your Mac overheat. The sound...
ways to back-up your mac

The Most Effective Ways to Back-Up Your Mac

Curious to know what the most appropriate way to back up your device is? Are you looking for ways to back-up your Mac in remote backup solutions? In this article, we...

Process on How to Transfer Data to Your New Mac using Migration Assistant

Thanks to Migration Assistant, you can now transfer data to your new Mac using migration assistant. Migration Assistant allows you to transfer data across from your old Mac or even from...

What to Do Before Selling or Giving away your old Mac – Must Know...

Apple devices are popular for their durability, so selling an old Mac is an excellent way to recover some of the costs before buying a new one. However, you must not...
mac running faster

Expert Tips to Make Your Mac Run Faster

It’s everyone’s wish to have their Macs run fast as they once did when they were sparkling new. But the hard truth is that this may not be the case. The...
use your mac like a pro

9 Best Mac Tips and Tricks, Use Your Mac Like a Pro

Are you interested in some Mac hacks/tips? In order to use your Mac like a Pro. For anyone shifting from Windows to macOS, you might not be aware of the timesavers...

5 Safest Ways to Run Windows on Your Mac In 2021

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to run Windows on a Mac, so we have provided the most reliable ways in 2021. Installing Windows on your Mac comes with many benefits, like...

Ways to Eject External Storage From Your MacBook

Whether you have a flash drive, external hard drive or external SSD, it is important to properly eject it, before you unplug it. You need to be aware that there could...

Why macOS is More Resistant to Malware Than Microsoft Windows?

Although macOS is often praised for its stability and resilience against malware, we should realise that no software is completely immune against external attacks. Along with Microsoft Windows and Linux, macOS...

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