purchase AppleCare+ for Mac

Reasons Why You Would Purchase AppleCare+ For Mac

So you’ve got yourself a brand-new Mac, welcome to the club. It’s probably one of the most expensive devices you now own. It would be devastating should something happen to it. This is why you need the extra protection of AppleCare+. The article will give you a quick rundown of why you would purchase AppleCare+for […]
mac repair and service

3 Steps on How to Get your Mac Repair and Service

Mac Repair and Service Finding an authorized Apple repair shop can sometimes be tricky. You can end up with a badly repaired product if you don't choose wisely. This is why it's...

Reasons Why MacOS is More Reliable Than Microsoft Windows

Most of us are primarily Microsoft Windows users, we work and play with it. We’ve grown up with this ubiquitous operating system and are pretty familiar with it. However, we need...
how to back up your mac

How to Back up your Mac Using Time Machine

How to Back up your Mac using time machine is fairly easy to do. You must have an external drive to use with Time Machine. Follow the steps below to get...
how to upgrade your mac

How to upgrade your Mac to the latest macOS

How to upgrade your Mac is a question that you never thought would be asked by many people. However, it is because some people won't have automatic upgrade turned on their...

Which MacBook Should You Buy in 2022?

If you walk into an Apple Store, you will find a few MacBook options, with different sizes and hardware specifications. After factoring in their features, performance, and price tag, it can...

Are M1 Chips ideal for Gaming?

Ever since the Apple Mac was first introduced, it has never been seen as a gaming computer. Gamers have always preferred Windows over OS X for its ease of use and...

NordVPN is it the Right one for your Mac

Internet privacy is a huge issue these days with the rise of hackers, malware, and ransomware. With NordVPN, you can have peace of mind that your data is secure and private....

Best VPN for Mac to Keep you Safe and Secure

The latest advancements in information technology carry the biggest risks. For this reason, many consumers prefer to buy Mac computers than the alternatives. Over the years, Macs have earned a reputation...
bitcoin mac

Discover the Best Bitcoin Apps for Mac in 2021

My guess is that you’ve heard about Bitcoin, even though you’re not completely sure of all its intricacies. In recent years, Bitcoin has sparked debates on many platforms globally. Despite the popularity...

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