use your mac like a pro

9 Best Mac Tips and Tricks, Use Your Mac Like a Pro

Are you interested in some Mac hacks/tips? In order to use your Mac like a Pro. For anyone shifting from Windows to macOS, you might not be aware of the timesavers...

5 Safest Ways to Run Windows on Your Mac In 2021

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult to run Windows on a Mac, so we have provided the most reliable ways in 2021. Installing Windows on your Mac comes with many benefits, like...

Ways to Eject External Storage From Your MacBook

Whether you have a flash drive, external hard drive or external SSD, it is important to properly eject it, before you unplug it. You need to be aware that there could...

Why macOS is More Resistant to Malware Than Microsoft Windows?

Although macOS is often praised for its stability and resilience against malware, we should realise that no software is completely immune against external attacks. Along with Microsoft Windows and Linux, macOS...

How to Play Among Us On Mac

Among Us is still a very popular game with a large number of people downloading and playing the game. The stats show that in November 2020, Among Us was downloaded 350...

How to Schedule your Mac to Reboot

Scheduling your Mac to Reboot can have its benefits. You might have noticed that if you leave your Mac running for long periods without shutting down, it might get slow and...
Is the MacBook Great for Gaming

Is the MacBook Great for Gaming?

Welcome to the topic Is the MacBook Great for Gaming? Macs are known for their stellar design and beautiful displays, but do they make great gaming machines? Well, it depends on what...
MacBook Pro 14-inch

MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021: Predicted release date, price, and latest news

Welcome to the topic "MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021: Predicted release date, price, and latest news." The future of the Apple MacBook Pro is here. The famous line from 1984 has never been...

Apple Mac Mini with M1 Processor– Performance Review

Much to Intel’s dismay, Apple has developed a new processor, the M1. It is essentially an ARM SoC with CPU and GPU integrated in one chip. This means, Macs with M1...

Resolving Common MacBook Problems

  Apple has been known as a major contender in mobile computing market and a maker of quality products. However, it doesn’t mean that its MacBook are free of issues. After a...

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