How to Stream your Mac to HDTV Using AirPlay 2023

how to stream your mac

How to stream your Mac display, is fairly easier than you think. You use AirPlay mirroring and send what’s displayed on your Mac wirelessly using your Apple TV. This can be great for a number of reasons such as a bigger display to watch films or getting work done more efficiently. If you have a 13-inch MacBook for instance, then you will benefit from having a larger display by connecting it to your bigger screen.

You obviously need an Apple TV to be able to do this. The steps below are for anyone using macOS Ventura. However, the process should be very similar for anyone on a different macOS.

How to Stream your Mac Display

  1. Make sure both your Apple TV and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Click on the control centre icon located on the top right-hand side of your Mac screen.
  3. You then click on the screen mirroring icon and select Apple TV from the list. You might be asked to enter a 4-digit code on your Mac.
  4. You will now be connected.

Your desktop can be mirrored or be an extension of your Mac screen. To do this simply click the Screen Mirroring icon, then choose Mirror Built-in Display or Use As Separate Display.

Also, make sure your Mac is updated to the latest macOS that’s available for your device. This way you won’t have any issues with the process.


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