Reasons Why MacOS is More Reliable Than Microsoft Windows


Most of us are primarily Microsoft Windows users, we work and play with it. We’ve grown up with this ubiquitous operating system and are pretty familiar with it. However, we need to honestly say that MacOS used by my MacBook and iMac is objectively better in some areas. Microsoft has the daunting task of ensuring that its operating system works across a wide range of hardware and device. Its latest Windows 11 must work on powerful gaming rig PCs and also, low-end laptops with limited hardware performance. Apple doesn’t face the same problem and it’s blessed by a highly regulated ecosystem, which ensures excellent optimizations and compatibilities. Although Microsoft is in a completely different situation, here are things the software giant can learn from Apple’s operating system:

Bad and conflicting drivers

Many drivers we use are developed by third-party manufacturers, from motherboards to printers. Unfortunately, some drivers are poorly made, which causes instability and incompatibility with other drivers. These may cause blue screens, sudden restarts, and random freezes. iMac and MacBook also use third-party drivers for GPU and various devices. However, they have been thoroughly tested and curated to prevent the slightest issue.

Seamless integration with other devices

Apple allows only certain devices to connect and integrate with its devices and many of them are made by Apple. If you have a MacBook, connecting and integrating with Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and iMac is straightforward, as long as you use the same account for these devices. This will never happen to Windows users. Connecting new devices with your PC or laptop can be troublesome at times and worse, there are cases of instability.

One macOS edition for all

When Apple released macOS Ventura in June 2022, it is applicable for all iMac, Mac, and MacBook models from 2017 and later. In comparison, there are seven editions of Windows 11 – Home, Pro, Pro Education, Pro for Workstations, Education, Enterprise, and IoT Enterprise. If you own a consumer-grade PC or laptop, it’s likely that you get a Home or Pro edition. This complicates the development process and slows down the release of necessary updates.

Good encryption only for Windows Pro

Any security-conscious user would appreciate the inclusion of Bitlocker in Microsoft Windows. Bitlocker prevents any data acquisition by unauthorized individuals, even if your laptop is stolen or lost. Unfortunately, there’s a catch. This enterprise-level encryption is only available for Windows 11 Pro and not for the Home edition. Many consumer-level laptops, especially affordable ones use Windows 11 Home, which may expose users to possible data theft. In contrast, all macOS users get complete encryption solutions and it’s a standard feature.

Better backups on macOS

Apple added Time Machine with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and it’s a backup tool that is baked directly into the core of the operating system to keep your applications, settings, and files backed up. If your data are valuable, it is recommended to invest in an external hard drive or SSD that you can use with the Time Machine. Designate the external drive as your backup storage media and Time Machine will back up your most recent data, settings, and apps. Windows 11 doesn’t have something similar and your data could be lost during catastrophic failures.


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