Reasons iPad Pro is the Best Companion for Your MacBook

iPad pro

Even if you own a MacBook Air, there are moments when it still feels too bulky. When on a train or airplane, it is better to keep your MacBook in the bag and use an iPad Pro for your productivity or entertainment needs. If you want to remain versatile and productive in any situation, here are reasons to buy an iPad Pro as a companion device for your MacBook:

Good and large display

An iPad Pro has an outstanding 12.9-inch display and in some cases, it’s better than the display of the MacBook Air or Pro. With Liquid Retina XDR technology, everything looks crisp and clear. If you want to review CAD files or graphic design drawings, it is better to do that on your iPad Pro, instead of your MacBook. With iCloud, it is easy to share any file between your iPad Pro and MacBook. The iPad is also an amazing portable cinema because it can play 4K films very well.

Support productivity apps

Anything you work on your MacBook can be reviewed and edited easily on your iPad. It may not be convenient to work with a complex spreadsheet or type long text on an iPad, but any normal editing can be easily performed on your Pro.

Face ID

Touch ID is the standard feature of the MacBook and it ensures better safety. However, it still doesn’t feature the Face ID technology, which makes it easier to secure and access your Face ID. When your hands are dirty or busy, Face ID is an easier way to unlock any device.

Versatile operating system

iPadOS is an extension of iOS and it has become a full-fledged operating system, optimized for large display and touch operations. You can do a lot more on iPadOS than on iOS, due to many enhancements. You can even connect the iPad Pro 12.9-inch with a mouse and a keyboard to turn it into an ultra-light laptop. If you need an intermediate device between an iPhone and MacBook, you should definitely consider getting an iPad Pro.

Touch display

The full-touch operation of the iPad Pro makes it more convenient to use than a MacBook. You can tap or click and drag anything on the display very easily, which is not as convenient on a touchless MacBook. In many cases, doing things on the Pro is more natural and instinctive, because you don’t need a keyboard, touchpad, or mouse. If there are tasks that can be easily completed with touch operations, then you should transfer your work to an iPad.

Built-in cellular data

You can get an iPad Pro with built-in 4G LTE connectivity and no MacBook boasts such capability. You don’t need to create a Wi-Fi access point with your smartphone. As long as there’s cellular coverage in your area, connecting to the Internet is easy to do with your iPad Pro.

Completely silent

When rendering video or playing 3D games with your MacBook, you will start to hear an audible hum as the internal fans spin harder. The iPad relies on passive cooling with no moving parts, so it will be completely silent, regardless of what app you run.

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