5 Features Future MacBook Pro Should Have


Apple fans would testify that recent MacBook Pro models are truly satisfying and worthy upgrades of previous Pro models. Many professionals would choose the MacBook Pro without hesitation and they have no qualms about recommending these MacBook Pro models to friends and colleagues. Despite their good designs, stable software, practical features, and excellent performance, there is still some room for improvement.

5 Features Future MacBook Pro Should Have

Face ID security

MacBook Pro already uses Touch ID as biometric security and it works really well. Any reliable biometric solution is more secure and faster to use than typing passwords or PIN. Apple can improve this better with Face ID implementations. It doesn’t mean that Apple should remove Touch ID and replace it completely with Face ID. It could be overkill on the MacBook Air, but for professionals who want convenience and quick access, the addition of Face ID would be appreciated.

Bigger trackpad

The trackpad of the current MacBook Pro is functional. It’s durable, reliable, and easy to use. However, it can be even more useful by being larger. When you use image or video editing software, it will be helpful to have more room for finger maneuvering on the trackpad. It will be easier to drag and drop objects on the display, as well as using the selection tool. It can be just a quarter of an inch bigger to make the trackpad more functional.

Touch Bar

A touch bar on the MacBook Pro is useful to provide predictive text and autofill options, which gives you similar functionality to the one on iPhones. This feature should be useful in MacBook Pro with 14-inch and 16-inch displays. With proper implementation, the Touch Bar should be more useful than the Function keys. Touch Bar could integrate with the Touch ID button. This should be software-based that Apple can implement without too much trouble, but still provide significant improvement in functionality for users.

5G connectivity

MacBook Pro is highly portable and it’s a great choice if you have been on the road quite a lot. As you make your way through café shops, airports and hotels, there are issues when using public Wi-Fi. Coverage of Wi-Fi in your hotel room can be spotty and you should be concerned about data security when accessing online banking, business email, and other important accounts. These days, many city centers and business districts already have good 5G coverage. A built-in 5G connectivity in your MacBook Pro will be very convenient and you can save the battery life of your iPhone because you don’t have to use it as a mobile hotspot.

Better FaceTime camera

Despite their premium pricing, the FaceTime camera of the MacBook Pro is still disappointing and it’s a flaw that Apple can improve. It is better if Apple adds a more advanced camera with better low-light performance, clarity, color quality, and resolution. In fact, the front-facing camera of the iPhone 13 has a much better quality for FaceTime sessions, so it’s technically easy for Apple to improve the camera of the MacBook Pro.

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