Five Bad Habits of MacBook Users

bad habits of MacBook user

MacBooks are among the most stylish laptops in the market and they are comparatively pricey compared to regular Windows laptops. For many people, MacBooks are one of their prized possessions, so they want to maintain and take care of them. Despite their good quality and excellent manufacturing process, many MacBook users have bad habits that may potentially damage their MacBooks.

Leaving very little free space in the SSD

Compared to hard drives, SSD has far superior write and read performance, but it will be much slower if you fill it to the brim. It’s a good rule of thumb to leave about 20 percent free space in your SSD to keep it performing optimally.

Not installing security patches and latest macOS updates

Although macOS is far safer than Microsoft Windows, you may leave crucial security holes if it isn’t updated regularly. When the latest patches and updates are available for download, you shouldn’t delay. Your MacBook will not only be more secure, but it will receive new features and perform better. Go to System Preferences and make sure to enable automatic updates. Be sure to restart your MacBook after it finishes installing the latest updates.

Not shutting down your MacBook

For those who work from home, MacBook is a perfect replacement for a desktop computer. But many users neglect to shut down the MacBook after using it. They simply put the MacBook to sleep by closing the display lid. The MacBook will wake up instantly when they open the lid. Although it’s theoretically possible to keep the MacBook running for a long time, it’s highly recommended to regularly restart or shut down your MacBook, at least once every few days. If you have run many apps at once, you may start to experience performance and other inconsistencies. When the MacBook is turned off, the RAM will be flushed and the macOS will run at a fresh, optimum state. If you have installed security patches and macOS updates recently, it is mandatory to restart your MacBook.

Covering the webcam

Due to security and privacy concerns, many MacBook users use adhesive tape to cover the webcam of their MacBooks when not in use. However, it’s a bad habit that may damage the display of the MacBook. If you tape the webcam and close the display, the display could be prone to damage due to the clearance. If you are concerned about security issues, modify restrictions to disallow all apps from using the webcam. If the webcam is enabled, there will be a green indicator. Follow the guidelines for proper and secure use of the webcam.

Adding too many login items

If you have plenty of apps on your MacBook, you may end up having a long login item list. Each time you add an item to the login list, MacBook will automatically log in to the app. This may have an impact on the performance of your MacBook and the startup time will be longer. Think twice before adding an item to the login list to ensure smooth operations of your MacBook.

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