Things To Do When Buying a New MacBook


When it’s time for you to buy a brand-new MacBook, there should be a game plan for safe and proper migration. Whether you had a Windows laptop or another older MacBook before, it is important to continue your current productivity.

Back up data


Before migrating to a new device, it is important to back up data from your previous laptop or MacBook. A good way to do this is to use an external hard drive. 2TB external hard drives are relatively affordable and you may also transfer very important files to multiple platforms, such as cloud storage, optical drives, and flash drives. You may use Time Machine to perform routine backups to an external hard drive. You may also use the Migration Assistant app in macOS to transfer not only files but also configurations and installed applications. iCloud Drive is excellent cloud storage that is accessible, regardless of what device you use.

Begin setup process

When you first turn on a MacBook, you need to go through its setup process. The initial setup procedure of macOS is very easy to do and you need to provide important details, such as country, preferred language, accessibility options, Wi-Fi access, and others. If you are using Migration Assistant to transfer data to an external hard drive, you can perform the transfer process during the setup procedure. Once the setup process is completed, you will be signed using your current Apple ID and other preferences are transferred as well, including Siri, Location Services, and Screen Time.

Wipe your old MacBook

If you no longer plan to use your old MacBook, it is safer to wipe it. Whether you want to sell, give away or donate your old MacBook, it is important that you don’t leave any important files or personal detail behind. If your MacBook includes a T2 Security Chip, remove your important information using the Erase Assistant app. You will be signed out permanently of Apple ID, with fingerprint and other user account details removed as well. It is very straightforward to use Erase Assistant, which is quite similar to what you find on the iPhone or iPad.

Know what to do with the old MacBook

Your old MacBook has served its purpose and you should know what to do with it. The simplest way is to pass it down to other family members. Your kids may use the old MacBook as an entertainment and learning center. They may watch movies, play games, and learn with their old device. If you want to fund the purchase of the new MacBook, you may prefer to sell your old MacBook instead. Check whether Apple is offering a trade-in program in your area. With this program, you will get a gift card for recycling your old MacBooks. eBay is a good platform to sell used electronic devices. Alternatively, you may use online platforms specialized for used Apple products, such as Cash For Your Mac. When selling your MacBook online, be sure to provide a detailed description, such as specifications, possible issues, visual conditions, and price. But if your MacBook is particularly old and it’s no longer usable for typical daily use, it’s better to recycle it in facilities that accept e-waste.


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