Things New MacBook Owner Should Know

new MacBook owner

Many computer users use Windows PC all their lives and they haven’t tried alternative platforms, like Linux and macOS. If you finally make the decision to purchase a brand-new MacBook, there could be some important questions to ask. Here are a few facts about your MacBook and something every new MacBook owner should know.

Don’t fully charge your battery

It’s fairly common to use MacBook as a desktop replacement computer, especially if you have a MacBook Pro with a large display and more powerful hardware. You could be compelled to plug the MacBook in all the time for your own convenience. However, you may maintain the condition of the Li-ion battery better if you keep the charge between 40 percent and 80 percent. You should limit the battery charge to 80 percent by installing apps like AlDente to extend the lifespan of your battery.

Shut the lid to put your MacBook to sleep

It’s recommended to put the battery of your MacBook to sleep, so you will keep it operational longer. Instead of initiating the Sleep function from the top left corner of the display, it is faster and easier to shut the lid. Waking up your MacBook is as easy as lifting its lid.

Go to dock and Finder window to start apps

If you are a long-time Windows user, it’s your habit to open apps, by clicking icons on the desktop screen or toolbar. In macOS, commonly-used apps like Mail and Safari are in the dock, which is rather similar to the toolbar in Windows OS. Alternatively, in the sidebar, you should go to the Finder windows and choose Applications to get a complete list of all apps on your MacBook. Another very easy way is to press Spacebar and Command key at the same time to open the Spotlight field. Type the name of your app and press Enter to open it. macOS always learns your habits and suggest your preferred apps.

Use Mac App Store to install software

With Windows OS, you click the Setup.exe file inside the program’s installation folder. But in your MacBook, it’s highly recommended to go to Mac App Store to get a huge list of curated apps. There are many free apps and games that you can install immediately or you may purchase them. Click the Get button to start the installation process. Although there are far fewer risks of viruses and malware in the macOS environment, it is not recommended software outside Mac App Store. But if you trust the source, you can install third-party apps using the PKG package installer file or DMG disk image files. You may also click on archive files to unpack them to the Downloads folder.

You don’t need antivirus

Generally speaking, macOS is much more secure. There are far fewer viruses and malware made for macOS environments. As long as you adopt safe digital habits, there are far fewer risks. For example, it is highly recommended to get your apps only from Mac App Store, whether they are free or commercially available. macOS comes with built-in security systems, such as XProtect, System Integrity Protection, and Gatekeeper.


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