5 MacBook Pro tips Everyone Needs to Know in 2022


If you just got a new 14-inch MacBook Pro, I’m sure you may have waited for more than a month from purchase to delivery—–this is all due to the supply chain delays. I presume you’ve had ample time to think about how you’ll customize it. Let’s leave it there. That’s a topic for another day, right? If you’ve bought the MacBook Pro, these tips will help you use your Mac more efficiently.

The MacBook Pro tips shared in this article apply to older MacBooks and as well as the MacBook Air.

Find the right screen scale that suits you

It may take trial and error but macOS’s default screen isn’t for all. To set the right resolution, Open System Preferences, select System Preferences then click Displays.

Under Resolution, choose Scaled. While you’re here, you can adjust and opt for larger text or more space on your screen. Although most users prefer Default, you should try them all to see whichever suits you better.

If you’re the type of person who wants full control over your screen, you might consider disabling “Automatically adjust brightness.” Reason: You disable this feature if don’t need macOS fiddling with your brightness level based on your ambient lighting. You may also consider turning off your True Tone. Reason: The app changes your display as a consequence of ambient lighting.

Un-break Apple’s default scrolling

To accomplish this, navigate to System Preferences and tap Trackpad. There are three default settings in this area that you may consider changing. You may go ahead tap Scroll & Zoom and turn off the Scroll direction: Natural setting. 

You may also want to change under Point & Click. Like most people, you may want to turn Tap to click option. You don’t have to do a more forceful press when clicking something. In my own opinion, it leads to a lot of accidentals clicking (for that reason I keep it disabled). If you’re one of those people who think Mac’s Tracking speed is too slow, then you can adjust it. You can achieve this by moving the Tracking speed needle to the right, closer to fast.

Supercharge the corners of your screen

MacOS’ Hot Corners is one of those things I can’t imagine not having in my device. In case you’ve no idea what I am talking about, Hot Corners is a macOS function that activates a command when you move your cursor to one of the corners of your screen.

Did you know that by default, the Mac-only uses one of the four Hot Corners? Interestingly, it uses it for a feature you may not have an idea about or care about. That’s QuickNote. Here you can keep a running note document that’s linked to a particular website or app, by moving your cursor in the bottom right corner.

Remember, you can activate the top left corner for the Mission Control option. Let me explain. Mission Control shows all your open windows on each of your screens, and this is how you may find it easy to find things in a sea of windows.

Other Hot Corners options include Desktop and Put Display to Sleep.

The Dark Mode decision

You may have chosen one option in the initial system setup but be as it may, let’s look at the three display modes you enjoy under System Preferences > General. 

You can pick Light, Dark, and Auto. I would go with Auto. Moreover, I like both light mode and dark mode. I prefer the former as I wake up (I associate dark mode with nighttime) and prefer the dark mode at night when I’m not trying to gush my eyes with all the white light of the new MacBook Pro’s very bright panel.

Install this password manager

I guess that you’re using a password manager for unique as well as complex password. Am I right? You’re not recycling the same easy-to-guess password of your birthday, right?

Since you’re using a Mac, you probably use 1Password, arguably the best password manager for Mac and IOS users. The app will help you log into all your other apps.

If you’re not using 1Password, it’s a perfect time to start.

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