Apple AirPods Pro vs Beats Fit Pro: Which Are the Best?


Apple AirPods Pro vs Beats Fit Pro. The battle of the wireless earbuds has never been so fierce. Both brands have their pros and cons, but which is really worth your money? Let’s find out!

Functions and battery life

At a glance, both the AirPods and Beats come with essential features that you will need for a good listening experience. Moreover, both devices work well with iPhones and feature Apple’s exclusive spatial audio function with head tracking. Some other prominent features you will find in both devices are

  • Audio sharing
  • Automatic switching between devices
  • Adaptive EQ audio tuning
  • Find My support and more.

However, the AirPods have the upper hand in one department that is its shiny charging case that supports wireless charging through Qi or MagSafe. While you can only charge the Beats Fit Pro’s case through USB-C.

Noise Cancellation

Apple AirPods Pro vs Beats Fit Pro

Furthermore, we noticed that the Beats Fit Pro has a much better noise cancelation. Plus, they have silicone ear tips that also enhance noise activation even if ANC is switched off.

On the other hand, the new AirPods have no means of keeping disturbance and noise out. Hence audio quality and listening experience is sacrificed a bit.

Battery Life

Both the AirPods and Beats Fit Pro feature long-lasting battery life. Both devices will work for about six hours on a full charge. However, the Beats Fit will work for up to six hours while ANC is turned on, and AirPods don’t deliver that.

Comfort Level

Another thing that we liked about the Beats Fit Pro because you can change the ear tips as per your preferences and fitment.

Here we are not saying that AirPods are uncomfortable in any way, but they lack this personalization. Instead, AirPods come with an open plastic speaker that you can put into your ear with no way to change the tip or size.

Overall, the Beats Fit Pro is easy to wear for long hours, and you won’t notice or feel them. They have a curvy tip that seamlessly rests in the ear and keeps them in place. Lastly, you will also get three silicone ear tips.

Audio quality

Apple AirPods Pro vs Beats Fit Pro

When it comes to sound quality, both these devices are in the upper tiers for wireless earbuds.

Both devices deliver the best listening experience and provide a rich audio mix, exposing both high and low frequencies for all types of music genres. You won’t feel any tune or beat flattened or washed out. However, the Beats Fit Pro has a unique feature that makes them stand out from the AirPods its thundering bass.

The AirPods feature mediocre bass, while Beast Fit has excellent bass output. When using the Beats Fit Pro, you will feel like you are using a subwoofer.


The AirPods Pro retail price is £239, whereas the Beats Fit Pro isn’t available in the UK yet but we predict they won’t cost much more than £199. That’s not a massive difference, but as you’ll see, it accounts for quite a remarkable difference in features between these two pieces of equipment.

The Verdict

The AirPods Pro are more expensive than the Beats Fit Pro in terms of price, but they don’t win in features. These devices have excellent sound quality, but the Beats Fit Pro’s audio quality with deep bass is the best. .

Both these audio devices have everything to make your listening experience wonderful; lastly, it comes down to your personal preferences and uses. This is just a quick overview of the AirPods Pro vs Beats fit Pro.

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