7 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Apps for Your iPhone


Bitcoin was launched in 2009, and since its release, it isn’t a new phenomenon. The world today is highly digitized, affecting the way we do business, especially trading. Advanced technology has revolutionized the way of making payments. We have migrated from cash payment to online payments, thanks to advanced technology. Blockchain technology is arguably one of the greatest innovations that will change the financial interaction between people and enterprises. Despite the current popularity of Bitcoin, it might still be a new phenomenon for you. Thankfully, there are lots of legitimate Bitcoin apps for your iPhone designed to help you get started. In this article, we will discuss the best Bitcoin-only apps you’ll regret you didn’t know before.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Apps

Swan Bitcoin

This is one of the cryptocurrency apps that tops the list for several reasons: The team behind Swan understands Bitcoin. It’s reflected in its mission “Our mission is to walk alongside you on your journey into Bitcoin, the future of money.” The team understands the ins and outs of Bitcoin. For instance, they know what it is, and its potential. Even better, they understand lots of blockchain projects in the space; they will save you the common mistakes experienced by most entrants. The Swan team will walk with you every step of the process, and in my opinion, this is the most practical way for Bitcoin enthusiasts to start accumulating digital assets.

Cash App

If you’ve used Cash App before, you’ll agree with me that it may be the best and easiest way for most people to start the Bitcoin journey. Let me explain. The app has some of the lowest fees. The fundamental reason most people already have a Cash App account. Let now focus our attention on its usability. You can buy and sell Bitcoin in the app very conveniently. The App also allows you to set automatic purchases over time, which is a smart feature for beginners into the Bitcoin space.

River Financial

The core focus of River Financial is on building financial services for Bitcoin, which they refer to as the money of the internet. How is it different from other services? One might ask. It promotes human customer service, popular for its top-tier security and adoption of Bitcoin technologies i.e., the Lightning network.


The app is available to download on iOS. A Casa like other apps out there lets you buy Bitcoin. Nothing outstanding about that, really. However, one of the things Casa does differently is that they offer multi-signature wallets. Although these wallets come at a cost-typically a monthly subscription, they are worth it- They provide additional security by demanding multiple private keys to gain access to your funds.


As we have discussed earlier, such apps as Cash App, River, and Case allow you to buy as well as custody your Bitcoin. What you perhaps didn’t know is that there are Bitcoin-only apps available for iOS. This is where Fold comes in-The app is designed to earn you Bitcoin rewards by making transactions through their services.

Blue Wallet

If you’ve some knowledge about Bitcoin, then you know there are multiple ways to store and secure Bitcoin. For example, you can keep it on such exchanges like Coinbase, or Cash App to mention a few. However, many users opt for security that comes with keeping control of their digital assets. If what is said here describes you, Blue Wallet is the app for you. It’s popular in the Bitcoin-only community mainly primarily because despite being a Bitcoin-only wallet it also supports Bitcoin Lightning-This translates to cheaper Bitcoin transactions.


Last but not least is Zap. The app is worth checking out. It’s popular in the Bitcoin-only community. For instance, it pioneered the Lightning network to smartphones.

Closing Remarks 

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Apps are so popular. Just like the dollar, bitcoin has value. No doubt, it’s a highly volatile industry, and keeps its value can fluctuate a lot. The fundamental reason behind the popularity of Bitcoin is its pervasive usage globally. Many businesses and people have recognized and appreciated Bitcoin as a payment method as opposed to traditional currencies. In other words, many consumers are using Bitcoin as it is highly convenient and ultimate security enjoyed in the blockchain space.

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