Quick iPad Guide for a Beginner


Buying an iPad should be an easy thing. You just purchase the newest model, right? If only. Let’s take a step back. There are four iPad models, each designed with its specifications ideal for certain conditions/purposes. There is a growing number of iPads in e-commerce stores around the world.

These devices look remarkably similar; it’s imperative to know what you’re purchasing to ensure value for your money. We’ve covered the best iPads available in the market and their differences to give tips and ideas on the best iPad to buy.

Toward the end of this iPad guide, you’ll have an idea of the best iPad to buy and the ones to avoid based on their characteristics.

Apple iPad (2021, 9th Gen)

The most preferred model by most people-it’s considered the best iPad for most people. It’s also the most affordable iPad. As an added advantage, it has the same shape and size, meaning all current accessories will still work perfectly, including the Smart Keyboard.

Let’s be honest. iPads are either secondary or tertiary devices for most people. After, phones and laptops, no doubt. However, this does not diminish their value. Does it? Of course not. They’re pretty crucial and suitable for lots of families, especially among kids. That’s why a budget is a vital factor in iPad purchases. Besides its workability with the Apple Pencil for sketching, the iPad has big enough space. It also has more storage, which is crucial. That aside, the price starts at $329.

Apple iPad Mini (2021, 6th Gen)- Best for Portability


The iPad Mini is the epitome of features. The iPad Mini has a screen ratio of 3:2 and a relatively longer diagonal of 8.8-inch. With a Liquid Retina unit, it has wide-color support. The cameras on this mini are as follows: the front camera is a 12MP ultrawide camera- 14mm f/2.4 lens. Moreover, the rear camera has Smart HDR3 up to 4K at 60fps video capturing.

That apart, the iPad Mini less look the same as the iPad Mini launched before. However, Apple’s 2021 comes with slimmer bezels (approximately 8.3-inch screen). Additionally, it’s relatively shorter than its predecessor, and it’s compact. These among other features make it portable. Last but not least, the device has the latest A15 Bionic processor, making it capable of handling extensive apps and games out there. Prices start at around $499.

Apple iPad Air (2020, 4th Gen)-Best for Getting Work Done

iPad Air

Are you looking for an iPad to get work done? Apple iPad Air 4th generation is the best choice. The device is an embodiment of features that make work get done. Its speed and performance will make you wonder whether you will need to shell out for the iPad Pro. Although it has less the same features as iPad Pro, it has slim edges. Such features make it a perfect device for getting work done-Say school work.

It’s important to mention that although the device has no Home button, like on the latest Mini, Apple has Integrate Touch UD into the power button- It means that you can use your fingerprint to unlock the slate, or in other cases, to authenticate purchases. Prices start at $599.

Apple iPad Pro (12.9-Inch 2021, 5th Gen)


The ultimate iPad is another name that best describes this iPad. Apple iPad Pro is just as powerful as a Mac, and it has a good operating system. Looking at its benefits, it has a beautiful Mini LED screen, outstanding cameras, and audio, not to mention a stellar 5G performance. On the other hand, this iPad Pro has one major con-it has major apps missing from the platform.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-Inch 2021 Specs
OSApple iPadOS
Dimensions11.04 by 8.46 by .25 inches


Did you know there are iPads you should avoid? You should avoid Apple iPad 1-7, iPad 1-4, as well as original iPad Air 1-2. Don’t touch these iPads even with a ten-foot pole unless someone is giving you one. If you’re looking to buy an iPad, hunt for a newer model. The main reason is that many of the older models don’t receive software updates. As a result, they will seem slow in contrast to your phone or computer.

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