The New MacBook Pro Speaker Compares to an iMac


The New MacBook Pro delivers massive gains in performance for whoever needs to tackle some of today’s most complex workflows.

With the new MacBook Pro, Apple has delivered its promise to make it a device that is not just for work but also fun.

Its sleek and stylish design coupled with high-quality audio makes this laptop perfect for people looking to listen to music or watch movies at home without having any issues and playing their favourite tunes through the finest speakers.

Interested in what it would be like to have the new MacBook Pro? There’s no need for that anymore! Check out this interesting article about the Macbook pro speaker comparison with an iMac.

The New MacBook Pro Speaker and Sound


For those who care about a good sound experience, Apple’s new MacBook Pro models have you covered. “The model has the best audio system in a notebook” with enhanced microphones and deep bass to make your tunes come alive.

The latest Apple MacBook Pro comes with a six-speaker sound system with around 80% more bass. The sound system includes two prominent tweeters and four force-cancelling woofers. The company states can go half an octave deeper than iMac and earlier models.

Another feature that makes the new MacBook Pro’s new sound system different from the iMac. The model comes with Apple’s spatial audio that offers surround sound provides an authentic movie watching experience.

Furthermore, the six-speaker setup inside this latest MacBook is more than enough to fill a large bedroom. With rich sound while being pretty audible from the other rooms. We also noticed that it does a great job of offering plenty of depth and clarity for all types of music genres.

Delivering an unforgettable and next-level audio quality. The new MacBook Pro also features industry-leading, studio-grade microphones. These offer clear calls, recordings and have an even lower noise floor as compared to the iMac and previous Macs.

As mentioned above, the sound system of the new MacBook Pro also features spatial audio, which forms a classy, three-dimensional audio stage. So whether you are listening to Apple music or watching Netflix in Dolby Atmos, you will get a theatre-like listening experience.

Overall, the New MacBook Pro’s audio system is the best ever in a notebook.

iMac Speaker and Sound

The latest iMac comes with a completely new six-speaker audio system. To be precise, it includes two pairs of force-cancelling woofers located side by side for thundering bass while decreasing buzzes and vibrations. Moreover, each speaker is balanced with a tweeter that might be too loud, but overall they serve well.

Like Apple’s new MacBook Pro, the six-speaker sound system of an iMac creates a “massive audio stage with strong, deep bass and clear mids and highs.”

Moreover, these latest audio innovations are combined with Apple’s customized audio algorithms, which supports spatial audio. Also present in the New MacBook Pro, but an iMac was the first Apple device to support spatial audio.

Moreover, Apple has taken the audio setup from its iPad Pro and installed it on this desktop computer.

When listening to the audio on an iMac, the experience that it offers competes well with high-end stereo desktop speakers in the same range. Overall the stereo separation is impressive, the bass is thundering, but we noticed sound and audio gets a bit distorted at high volumes.

However, if you plan to use Apple’s iMac in your home office or bedroom, you won’t need external speakers unless you mix or record music or work with studio monitors.

The New MacBook Pro Speaker vs. an iMac Speaker: Which is Better?

While all the Apple MacBooks and iMacs deliver a rich, clear, and amazing stereo sound experience. The new MacBook Pros are on a higher level. Comparing it with an iMac, you won’t feel any notable difference between the audio qualities of these two Apple devices. However, iMac tends to get too loud on higher volumes with a bit of distortion.

Overall, the new MacBook Pro’s six-speaker setup delivers thundering bass along with an octave lower sound that provides a more robust audio profile. Lastly, the new MacBook Pro also supports Dolby Atmos in its speaker system instead of just headphones.

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