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Every year, Apple launches a new version of smartphones. This year, we have witnessed the release of the Apple iPhone 13 to which the company has made subtle refinements to its predecessor entries.

Having said that, there are only slight differences between the latest iPhones and the 2020 models. The different iPhones on the docket can be confusing for the average buyer or anyone looking to buy an iPhone for the very first time. However, in this guide, we’ll provide all the information on what to expect with an Apple iPhone 13.

The Appearance of the Apple iPhone 13 Series

The new iPhone 13 series was launched on September 14, 2021. Although pre-orders commenced on September 17, the general sales started on September 24, 2021.

Apart from the subtle differences, you will not notice too many changes with the current iPhones. As with 2020, the four iPhones in the docket are about the same size. The number of back cameras of each device remains unchanged, despite the slight improvement of the lower-end models. The front of the new iPhones is what has changed; the notch has been slimmed down for the first time.

Let’s look at the four iPhones on the docket

  • Apple iPhone 13 Mini: This is the lower-end iPhone. The model has a palm-friendly 5.4-inch display with nearly the same specs as the vanilla iPhone 13. Price starts at $699 making it the cheapest mainline 2021 iPhone.
  • Apple iPhone 13: This is the “standard” model. The vanilla iPhone 13 starts at $799. In terms of display size, it’s similar to last year’s at 6. 1-inches. Its rear camera setup hasn’t changed and it’s paired with an ultra-wide lens.
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro: Even though this model has the same size as the regular iPhone 13, it has a triple-lens back camera, not to mention other upgrades. With the third camera as a telephoto, it helps with zooming. The price starts at $999.
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: This is the highest-end new device in the market. It has a 6.7-inch display, making it the biggest new phone. Its specs are no different from that of the regular iPhone 13 pro but it has a bigger battery. So far, it is the best phone from Apple, thus the most expensive with a price starting from $1,009.

Should you buy the New iPhone?

In 2020, Apple introduced a lot of design aspects of its phone. For example, it introduced the “boxy” design of the iPhone 4 among other refinements. In 2021, Apple hasn’t introduced a lot of changes to its iPhones. The new iPhones have a slightly smaller notch, the internals has improved, and multiple new features. Arguably, if you already have an iPhone 12, there isn’t much with the new iPhone 13 that would warrant a one-year upgrade.

However, if you’re considering buying an iPhone for the first time, Apple iPhone 13 is the best the company has in the market. iPhone 13 has a fast processor, its cameras are exceptional, has larger batteries, and above all the newest features.

Comparison Between iPhone 13 and iPhone 12: What’s new?

Although the two models aren’t different from each other, iPhone 13 comes with a few upgrades. Keep in mind that the list only captures the most significant upgrades.

  • Batteries: iPhone 13 series have slightly larger batteries in contrast to the ones we saw in the iPhone 12 series. iPhone 13 series have longer battery life.
  • Smaller notch, larger cameras: iPhone 13 has a slimmer notch unlike on the previous iPhones. The rear camera module is slightly larger on the Pro models. With that being said, the number and types of lenses haven’t changed since the iPhone 12 series.
  • ProMotion: Both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have ProMotion displays.  They, therefore, have high refresh rate displays. Notably, they support up to 120Hz rates. On the other end, the vanilla iPhone 13 devices stick with 60Hz displays.
  • Cameras: Both iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max have an upgraded camera. The ultra-wide camera upgrade gives better shooting in low light. Remember, there are other slight updates to the other lenses but the ultra-wide lenses on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini haven’t changed.
  • Storage: The storage for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini have expanded to 128GB from 64GB. Storage goes as high as 512GB, an upgrade that cannot be found in last year’s model. In the meantime, the Pro models have a new 1TB option.

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