These Apps Will Hide the MacBook Pro’s Notch


Shipments of the new MacBook Pro’s 14-inch and 16-inch went out a couple of days ago. A lot of people will be spending hours on their new gadget to get the feel of it. However, the Macbook Pro’s notch at the top of the screen in the middle of the menu bar still seems to be a distraction for many. If you’re one that finds it annoying and hard to get used to, then there’s an App for that.

A lot have criticised the Notch since the redesigned MacBook’s were announced. However, Apple responded by saying that it’s a “smart way” of giving users more room for their content. Because it allowed the bezels to be made thinner. That area is also for the MacBook camera system. People have pointed out that the camera should be smaller but the picture quality wouldn’t be so great if it was.

If you have tested your MacBook ad Apple’s response isn’t for you then the following Apps are available. They won’t remove the Notch. They will however make sure the Notch blends in much better with the top menu bar at all times.


Apps that Hide the MacBook Pro’s Notch

TopNotch (FREE): This one supports Dynamic Wallpapers and works with different displays. Also, has a rounded corner feature that adds rounded corners to your wallpaper. The developer’s slogan is “makes the Notch disappear like a ninja”. And it does just that with the flick of a switch. TopNotch stays in the background and watches for wallpaper changes.

Forehead (FREE): Another free app that allows you to easily switch between the default look and a notch-less one. It’s similar to TopNotch and also rounds the corner of your wallpaper. The developer is looking to update the app to simulate a notch on older Macs.

De-Notch-ifier (€9.95): Offers the same features as TopNotch and more, which explains the price. It auto-detects the height of the notch in screen pixels. You have the option of separate settings for light and dark mode. Does the rounded corners on wallpapers and even a possibility to hide the menu bar icon to reclaim space. There are loads more features that this app offers.

Are we making a big deal of the Notch and will people eventually get used to it?

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