Where to trade in your old MacBook?


Whether you are planning to get the latest Mac or fed-up with your old mac, or your old one is too big, and you find it difficult to carry around, you can trade or sell it on various marketplaces without any issue. Below we will reveal the best places to trade in your old MacBook and how to get the last bit of value out of your machine.

Treat your Mac well

Your Mac’s overall condition is vital as it will determine what you will receive in return during a trade-in process. Hence if you want the best buck for your mac, ensure that it remains in good condition and try to shine it before heading to any marketplace for trade-in your Mac.

The Best Sites To Trade in your Mac

You might not get much by selling your old Mac, but still, trade-ins are the most preferred option for many users. The best part is you can also opt for trade-ins even if your machine is not sellable, but it is in working condition. Usually, you will receive a gift voucher, store credit, or credit against your purchase. Having said that, let’s talk about the best places to trade in Macs.


Decluttr allows you to trade in your Mac comfortably and quickly. First, they will send you an offer for your machine, which will be valid for 28 days. The company will pay the shipping charges and will check your Mac to confirm its condition.

If Decluttr modifies its offer and you don’t accept it, they will return your Mac and pay the shipping cost. However, if you accept their offer, you’ll get paid through PayPal or direct deposit.


Gazelle is a platform that’s exclusive for MacBooks only. However, you cannot sell your desktop Mac on the website. The selling process is simple. First, you need to inform them about the overall condition of your Mac, then they will give you a quote that’s valid for 30 days, and the Gazelle will cover shipping.

After getting your Mac, they will examine it and make their final offer if your Mac’s condition doesn’t match the initial evaluation. If you don’t accept their final offer, you will get your machine back, but you will have to pay shipping costs. If you agree to the offer, the company will pay you via bank, PayPal, or they will send an Amazon gift card.


It is a traditional online marketplace where you sell your Mac directly to other users. You can authenticate listings, manage the PayPal-only payments, and arrange the shipping to ensure that the deal is smooth and secure.

The fees that Swappa charges are added to the posted cost. Lastly, if you are hesitant about selling your Mac on eBay or Craigslist, Swappa is an excellent and safe option.



Probably, the quickest and simplest trade-in process is offered by Apple. Usually, they will ask a few straightforward questions about your Mac’s condition along with the machine’s serial number, and then you can apply for the new purchase. However, Apple can revise its offer after examining your machine, but generally, the offer is appropriate.


Like others, Amazon also has a Trade-In program, but the program is limited to only iPads, iPhones, or other non-Apple devices. The trade-in for Macs is not that common on Amazon, but you can try your luck. Usually, Amazon pays you an Amazon gift card in the exchange.

Furthermore, the process is time-consuming than the others, but it will be more suitable for you if you frequently shop at Amazon.

Best Buy

Best Buy also has a smooth trade-in program for Macs, and it is one of the most commonly used. However, before heading to Best Buy, you will have to find your exact Mac model. The trade-in program is valid for some older iMacs and Mac minis, but for the most part, the program is limited to only MacBooks. Often, Best Buy gives you a gift card against your old Mac.


Walmart has a great partnership with CExchange, but it’s only available for Mac laptops. You get to send in your old Mac computer and receive an eGift card.

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