How does the macOS mouse pointer behave with the Notch on the Macbook Pro


We simply cannot get away from the fact that there’s a notch on the new MacBook Pro. To this point, I do not see the reason behind it but Apple always has their reasons. Just that it takes some time to figure out. There are a lot of questions as to why the notch and how it deals with macOS. One question that seems to be popular is, how does the macOS mouse pointer deal with the notch?

macOS mouse pointer and MacBook Pro Notch

This question seems to be floating around on Reddit and Twitter. But of course, people will have different ideas of what happens. A short clip posted on Reddit depicts 4 main possibilities of how macOS will manage the notch. the first one shows the pointer going through the notch and being temporarily invisible to the user, another shows a collision where the pointer becomes stuck at the notch causing the user to go around it. The other 2 are a jump from one side of the notch to the other and the last one shows a smooth continuity where the pointer runs freely by the notch.

With the new MacBook arriving next week, people will be able to test it themselves. however, you won’t have to wait, because Apple designer Linda Dong has confirmed that the pointer will indeed travel behind the notch and will be hidden if users wish to.

macos mouse pointer and macbook pro notch

Is it useful? Well if you’re watching a video I guess it will be a great place to hide the pointer.

Still, is it a reason for the notch or could the thing just be purely for the camera? Either way, Apple will always make sure that the macOS mouse pointer and MacBook Pro notch

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