Useful Magic Mouse Gestures for a Better Mac Navigation

magic mouse gestures

Magic mouse gestures are not hard to do. sometimes you even come across them by accident. As a Mac user, you can either control your computer using Magic Mouse or Trackpad. Both of these options are remarkable and make the operation of the majority of macOS’s features smooth and easier. 


From a tech-savvy point of view, the Magic Trackpad is superb, but if you prefer using a mouse, you’ll enjoy some handy gestures that come with Apple’s Magic Mouse. In this article, we look at these gestures and how they can optimize the experience on macOS. 


But let’s start by activating Magic Mouse Gestures

To use the gestures that come to the Magic Mouse, enable them in System Preferences. While on the menu bar, hover over to Apple Menu then click System Preferences to open. But first, you must click on Mouse in this menu to access the control panel for Magic Mouse. Remember, the gestures will only work when you enable Smart Zoom. 


While at the more gestures tab, you’ll see all three gestures. At this point your mouse is set up, so let’s spend some time understanding how to use these gestures in your Mac.


How to Perform Gestures with Magic Mouse

If you’re a complete beginner, Magic Mouse gestures work with simple movements. It may feel a bit unfamiliar at first, but with time you will feel more comfortable with these movements. After trying it out, you’ll use them unconsciously. 



Use Smart Zoom 

You use this Magic Mouse gesture by double-tapping with one finger to zoom in or out on images, documents, or web pages. Smart Zoom allows you to perform a quick zoom on specific points where the mouse pointer is located. This gesture will work in most parts of your Mac from web browsers to images. Remember, the enlargement size is approximately 50%. This means that when you tap the same point twice, the screen resumes to standard. Smart Zoom is a seamless gesture that allows you to zoom in quickly without having to use a Mac shortcut. 


Open Mission Control 

It is easy to use-You double-tap with two fingers to open it. 

If you’ve been using Macs for a while, I can guess you are familiar with Mission Control. This gesture provides a quick view of all open windows. It’s worth pointing out that Apple’s Magic keyboard provides a shortcut to access Mission Control (F3) which may vary from one keyboard to another. However, with Mission Control gestures, you can open windows with simple one-hand movement.


You can switch between full-screen apps

To use it, you swipe left or right with two fingers.

Full-screen mode on macOS maximizes an application so that you enjoy the full screen. This is an excellent way to maximize productivity. This way you avoid distractions. But how do you make a window full screen using the mouse? You move the cursor to the toolbar in the top left corner of the window. Then click the green button to make the window full screen. 


Swipe to navigate browser pages

To use it you swipe left or right using one finger to switch between pages. Note this, swiping to the left will display to the previous page while swiping to the right displays the next page. 

Let’s assume you’ve visited a website with the info you’re looking at on multiple sites. You may no doubt need to quickly switch between Google research results. 


You will agree with me that moving the mouse over the back and forward button in the browser is time-consuming. Rather, swiping left or right on the mouse horizontally is not only time-saving but allows you to perform the same actions more effectively. Using this gesture saves you a lot of movement. 



We hope this article has helped you realize that using gestures on your Magic Mouse can help you put your Mac’s mouse to good use. It also makes sense to say that using your Magic Mouse is a unique way to work smarter on your device- It doesn’t matter which device you’re using; you could be using a desktop or a laptop model. The tips shared in this article should help you get the most out of your Mac’s mouse.


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