The Most Effective Ways to Back-Up Your Mac

ways to back-up your mac

Curious to know what the most appropriate way to back up your device is? Are you looking for ways to back-up your Mac in remote backup solutions? In this article, we look at the different techniques you can use to back up a Mac. You’ll find out why it’s essential to use more than the highlighted options for backing up. Don’t get frustrated when your device is stolen, or get infected by a virus. We’ve prepared the best ways to help you back up a Mac.

I want to believe you’re here for a reason. Perhaps you’ve experienced the ordeal of having your Mac break without a backup, or your friend has experienced such a painful encounter, and you want to take proactive measures to make it doesn’t happen again. Whatever the reason, we’ve prepared this article will give you insights on how to back up your Mac.

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You might be wondering why you should back up your Mac. Let’s quickly look at some of the reasons you may have no choice but to be backing up your Mac:

  • You may accidentally spill water on your device.
  • Crashed drive
  • Although it comes unexpected, you could lose your Mac.
  • Your Mac might be stolen.
  • Could have been corrupted

Having a backup comes with numerous benefits. You can easily access your data from another device. If you upgrade your Mac, you can recover all your data into your new device.

The Most Effective Ways to Back-up Your Mac

Use Time Machine

Macs come with their backup software-Time Machine. If you’ve been using Windows, do not panic, Time Machine is an extraordinarily easy-to-use solution. You just plug in an external storage device then start backing up using Time Machine. Time Machine backup your Mac periodically (hourly, weekly, and monthly).

On the negative side, Time Machine takes up a lot of storage, so the recommended drive should be at least 1TB. Also, you need to connect your hard drive to back up your Mac otherwise nothing will be backed up. However, there is an option for a wireless backup on a NAS drive, but it might be a bit slower.

Using Backup Software to Clone Hard Drive

This method requires an external storage device which is required to hold a clone of your hard drive. The external drive needs to have enough space to allow room to store the cloned copy. Your external drive should be as large as your primary disk.

Cloning your disk means that the disk is copied bit-by-bit to create a replica copy of your primary drive. Clones can be used as backups and can be very vital in data recovery efforts.

You can use off-site backup

These methods are best suited for syncing as well as sharing files, not for storing all your information. Nonetheless, there are committed online backup solutions out there. A good example is Carbonite, which backs up your Mac over the web. The benefit of using such a cloud backup service is that your data is guaranteed safety in the event of a fire, loss of your Mac, or flood. In these events, you can recover all your data from this backup, as long as you’re connected.

The main disadvantage worth pointing out is that initial backup can be slow, or worse if you have a slow broadband connection. It, therefore, means that recovery data can be an extremely slow endeavour.

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Use Dropbox or Google Drive

There are numerous alternatives to iCloud for anyone interested in syncing or share files. Maybe you’re already be using Dropbox, Google Drive or other backup solutions. Remember, these solutions are designed to share files with friends, or storing files, rather than backing up all your data.

Closing Remarks 

As we have highlighted in the article, there are different ways you can use to back up your Mac. It’s also important to remember that failure to back up your device leaves you vulnerable to data loss and related problems. If you haven’t been backing up your Mac, select one of the options highlighted and start it today. Prevention is better than cure. You never know when you may require to back up your previous files.

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