6 Must-Have Apps for MacBook


Are you looking to get the most out of your Apple computer? Then you’re in the right place. To have the best experience with your MacBook, you must explore beyond the stock apps pre-installed on macOS. Maybe you’re looking to improve your productivity or workflow! The best software to facilitate this can be hard to find if you’re a first-time Mac user and you’re not sure what exactly you’re looking for. No need to worry though!

Below we’ve compiled a list to get you going. It’s a list of the must-have Apps for MacBook.

The list of the must-have apps for MacBook

Airmail 5

A good number of Mac users don’t like the design of the native macOS Mail app. If you fall in this category, Airmail 5 is the closest you can get to get to a clean, Gmail-style interface on an Apple desktop. It’s not too pricey at $9.99 yearly. With that being said, Airmail is an excellent alternative to that pricing approach. The app has some unique features like Touch Bar support and a customizable interface.

The app is reliable and the only one in the market geared toward consumers. You pay once a year.

CleanMyMac X


Ultimately one of the best apps available to clean and increase the performance of your MacBook. There are a number of features available with the app to make sure your Mac is healthy and stay healthy. You can get rid of unwanted files with one click and free up RAM for better performance. CleanMyMac X detects and removes malware threats such as viruses and adware.


Any computer expert will tell you that cleaning your Mac is an important part of desktop maintenance. Clearing caches files and unwanted apps can go a long way in improving your MacBook performance and making it feel snappy with time. There are several apps out there but AppCleaner is a free app. Overall, the app helps you uninstall software and get rid of unwanted files.

Check out for experts’ tips on how to make your MacBook extremely faster

Bartender 3

The Mac Menu can be an extremely powerful productivity tool, but only when managed correctly. But with an app like Bartender, you’re good to go. The app lets you organize your menu bar, redesign keyboard shortcuts for easy access to individual apps via bar menu icons. Remember, the app was recently updated with macOS Catalina support.

The app costs a $15 one-time payment. Besides its simplicity, the app offers an interestingly powerful amount of customization.


As a note-taking app, it offers an aesthetic preference as any number of third-party alternatives i.e., Evernote. However, the app is out of the league when compared with other third-party apps because of its unique design and user-friendly interface. As a bear user, I love its simple features like note pinning, easy navigation between organized hashtags, and the actual editorial itself.

The app costs $20 annually for the premium version, but it’s worth it. The only one big disadvantage: no web version.


These days life can be overwhelming, and you can easily lose track of messages. With so many SMS platforms, many social media corporations, and instant messing services to choose from, a good number of us have different accounts used to manage all those messages. Would you be surprised to learn that you could only log into one account?

That’s where the Franz app comes in. It’s designed to allow you to view as well as send messages on different platforms from WhatsApp, Facebook, Message, and More. The app allows you to switch between different apps. Administer your messages with Franz.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office has been around for years now. Remember as a Mac user, you’ve always had to go through a couple of hoops to install it. However, the long-awaited release of Microsoft Office on the Mac App Store is finally here.

Without getting into details of what Microsoft Office 365, is no doubt an extremely essential app to have. But, don’t forget you’ll have to get a subscription to Office 365 to use it.

As a professional, this is one app you cannot avoid, and its accessibility on the Mac App Store is a relief because you don’t have to worry about updating it.

Closing Tips

Remember, we have only provided a list of must-have apps for MacBook to help you be productive and organize your work. This is not a definitive list, but it is a good place to start when it comes to building your Mac for work or recreation.


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