What to Do Before Selling or Giving away your old Mac – Must Know Tips


Apple devices are popular for their durability, so selling an old Mac is an excellent way to recover some of the costs before buying a new one. However, you must not forget to do a few things before selling your device. In this article, we discuss in detail the most important things you need to take care of before handing over your MacBook to a new buyer.

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I’m sure you will agree with me that Mac computers are extremely great working tools, and also a valuable investment. For example, MacBook, Mac mini, and iMac function great even years after purchase. These models tend to have long-term support from Apple-like regular updates of the operating system. Apple products don’t lose much value even after years of use, so selling an old Mac is a reasonable move.

The greatest mistake, however, would be handling it over before you’ve done a few things.

Before You Sell, Give, or Exchange Your Mac Check Out for These Tips

Create a Backup

Data backup is very important because you can have access to files if a system crash or want to upgrade to a new computer. The backup stores all of your data on the Mac, including documents, applications, among others. With that being said, the Time machine offers an easy and convenient way to back up your Mac. Time Machine automatically back-up your data. The good news is that it’s preinstalled on all Macs, meaning you don’t have to spend extra cash with third-party apps.

Make Sure to Sign Out from iTunes, iCloud, and App Store 

You probably are aware that all people who purchase Apple products get their unique Apple ID. A unique Apple ID is used to access varied services, including iTunes, App Store, and iCloud. Just to point out, the latest version of OS X as well uses this ID to access the Mac user account too. Look at it this way: Every user can only obtain one Apple ID. In the event you want to dissociate the Apple ID from a specific laptop, before disposing of it, make sure to follow these steps:

  • The first task is to launch iTunes on your Mac;
  • Select Store-Hover over to the View Account section;
  • Type the actual password;
  • Navigate to Manage Devices and look at the data;
  • While you’re here click the Delete Button-Remember the Delete button is next to the device you want to unlink with the profile;
  • Go ahead press the Done button;
  • Lastly, Select Store-Sign Out of This Computer.

Note: It’s that simple, with those few steps your Mac is signed out from the current Apple ID.

Reinstall macOS 

So far, you’ve created a backup (transferring all the important data) and signing out the programs. For sure, this isn’t enough. While using computers, they collect different information about the user. Now it’s the perfect time for a thorough system restore. Remember, you can restore the system from the Recovery Mode.

IMPORTANT! Your Mac must be connected to the internet-connect if needed later during the installation of the system.

Delete All the Content on Your Mac Drive 

Privacy is paramount, particularly in today’s digital age. You don’t want the new buyer accessing any of your data. Therefore, this is the most important stage before selling your Mac. At this point, you need to delete and wipe clean all the content on your laptop. Here are quick steps to help you achieve exactly that:

  • First, restart your Mac and press and hold down (Cmd) + R keys-after your Mac starts to boot-up
  • Go ahead select Disk Utility from the available options on your screen
  • Select the main Mac hard drive and click on the – (minus sign) sign in the toolbar. Go ahead delete the drive.
  • Choose the main Mac hard drive and delete all content (by clicking on the Erase option at the top).
  • By entering the name of your drive, you’ll have deleted your disk contents.

Clear Your MacBook 

The appearance of your Mac is important, and you might have to devote a little time to it. The point is to make your MacBook desired. Once you’re satisfied you’ve done everything right, it’s time to find the documents and any accessories you may have accumulated. Then your Mac is ready for sale, giving, or exchanging.


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