The Difference Between a 60W and 85W MacBook Pro Charger


It’s probably not very often you find yourself needing a new charger for your MacBook Pro. But when you do, you are often faced with the dilemma of choosing between a 60W or an 85W MacBook Pro charger. One thing you need to know is, they both are perfectly safe to charge your MacBook. That being said, there are still differences in the 60W and 85W chargers.

It all comes down to power. The 85W will charge and deliver 25W more power to your MacBook than the 60W charger. That’s 40% more charge between the two.

The higher power delivered to your MacBook simply makes it charge faster. It’s more convenient and perfect if you are always running out of charge and need to get juice quickly. So an 85W MacBook Pro charger would be perfect.

However, there is a downfall of faster charging. Charging generates heat and heat degrades the battery on laptops including your MacBook. This means the battery life of your MacBook will shorten because of constant fast charging. The good thing is, MacBook does have safety precautions to stop too much power from damaging it.

Should I get a 60W or 85w MacBook Charger?

If you have a MacBook that uses a 60W charger then it’s safe to replace it with an 85W one and not have any problems. However, if your MacBook uses an 85W charger then it’s advisable not to replace it with a 60W charger. If you do so, your MacBook would either not charge, may charge at a very slow rate or the charger might run very hot to the point it overheats.

So What’s the difference?

  • An 85W MacBook charger CAN replace a 60W charger but a 60W charger CANNOT replace an 85W charger.
  • An 85W MacBook charger CAN deliver 40% more power than a 60W charger.
  • An 85W MacBook Charger CAN charge your MacBook faster than the 60W charger.

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