9 Best Mac Apps to Increase Productivity


Want to maximize your productivity at work? Here are nine awesome Mac apps to increase productivity.

Staying productive at work or when working from home is one of the biggest challenges people face. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the business landscape has changed drastically, with more businesses encouraging employees to work remotely. As many employees work remotely, many workers and supervisors are struggling to adjust to this transition. We can all agree that working from home means more distractions and more social isolation-all this can lead to less productivity.

To overcome this challenge, we’ve looked at top Mac apps to help remote workers increase productivity. As you’ll notice in this article, we’re taking a different approach by focusing our attention on the best Mac apps. These apps are aimed to help you maximize productivity whether you’re a freelancer, working from home or in an office.

Finest productivity apps for macOS

Here is a synopsis of what will be covered in this article. To make your reading of this article worthwhile, we have chosen nine apps all with a distinct purpose, rather than focusing on apps that somehow perform the same purpose. You’ll have an idea of mac apps to increase productivity. To clear the air, all of the apps discussed in this article are available on macOS as well as on other platforms.


Serene is designed for remote workers and teams. If you work from home or you are a nomadic freelancer, this app is worth considering. The app is free for macOS users. How does it work? You may ask. Let me explain: The app allows you to define a single goal for each day, which can further be broken down. I love the app because it blocks out distractions. Researchers have found that multitasking is less productive than focusing on a single task. Stay on track with the Serene app.


Free version available but you can also opt for paid versions for $10/mo. Google Calendar is a remarkable free digital calendar, however, it limits you from some of the advanced features you need as a remote worker. Aptly named Calendar is a must-have if you’re a remote worker. It will allow you to connect all your calendars into a single interface. Some of the key features include but are not limited to easy scheduling, analytics, and synched events.

Trello (Available in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android)

Trello is designed to help teams move forward. Let me elaborate. It helps teams collaborate, manage projects, and boost productivity. You enjoy free sign-up! Note this, for the business class version, you get to pay $9.99/month per user. The app is simply a way of working together. Some of its key features include but are not limited to project management, to-do lists, and instant messaging.


Available in Free version and paid versions from $7/mo. Taskade is designed to help maximize productivity for small teams. The app helps teams plan, organize, and prioritize upcoming tasks in the team roadmap. Taskade helps teams automate workflows and get the work done. The app’s key features include project management, live engagement, team calendar, and team roadmap. For better collaboration, Taskade gives you live messaging and video calls. This enhances collaboration between remote team members.


teamweek app

Available in a free version and premium version $8/monthperuser. Teamweek is a simple project management tool that aligns team members with the tasks they’re working on. The app is similar to the team calendar but Teamweek provides more visual information and has a drag-and-drop feature that makes it seamless to rearrange tasks. As a Teamweek user, the app is very simple and great at what it does. It’s also highly affordable (free for not more than 5 users).


Available in premium version $18/month per user. Toggl is a time tracking app for better work. It’s reliable time tracking software loved by millions of users around the globe. As a freelancer, this is an app worth considering. The app will help you keep track of how much time you’re spending on projects to make sure you hit profit targets. Some key features include but are not limited to time tracking, boost profits, and reports.


productivity mac app

Available in free versions and paid options starting from £5.25/month per user. As a messaging platform, Slack is designed to help teams communicate remotely. The key to productivity in the app is organized spaced known as channels- they’re different for everything that every member is working on. The app gives team members at work and those working remotely a more productive way to stay in synch. It permits faster response and keeps the conversation focused in channels. Some of the app’s key features include statuses, file sharing, voice, and video calls.


Available in free versions and paid versions starting from $4/mo. Notion helps organize the team’s work. On notion, everything is accessible in one place, and every team member can find what they need on their own. With no interruptions in the app, you stay focused on priorities. Users can create and share documents, file sharing, and work on tasks together in real-time.


spark on devices

Available in a free version, $6.39/mo. (per user) for the paid version.

Are you suddenly getting a lot of spam emails? If so, then Spark is worth having because it will help you to filter out the emails and only respond to the ones that matter. You can take complete control of your inbox. We all know that emails can deter you from being productive. With Spark, you can prioritize your email. It means that the app bubbles important messages from real people to the top.

Closing Tip: Ensure the apps you bring into your workflow don’t get in the way of productivity.

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