9 Best Mac Tips and Tricks, Use Your Mac Like a Pro

use your mac like a pro

Are you interested in some Mac hacks/tips? In order to use your Mac like a Pro. For anyone shifting from Windows to macOS, you might not be aware of the timesavers tricks your Mac is capable of. And, since Macs have been around now and are becoming popular and popular, it’s the best time to learn how to fully utilize your Mac. Windows relies on expensive third-party apps. Mac’s computers, on the other hand, depend on data formats that make them so adaptable.

As a Mac user, you don’t need to install third-party apps like is the case with Windows devices. To give you a hint, with Mac, you can do things like sign documents, or combine multiple PDFs without incurring the extra cost of buying third-party software. This article shares the top 9 Mac tips/hacks that will help you use your Mac like a pro.

  • Navigate Unit Conversations in Spotlight

You can do basic calculations in Spotlight. But did you know that with macOS, you can use Spotlight like a pro? Unit conversations. In Spotlight, you can do specific unit conversations-say, “20 stone in pounds.” Furthermore, you can key in the amount as well as the unit you wish to convert, and your Mac will automatically recommend likely conversation, and as if that is not enough it will suggest different alternatives. Try typing something like ‘$3490’ and observe what happens.

  • Talking and Listening to Your Mac

Way before the macOS Sierra release, Mac’s potential to interact with users (Listening and speaking back) become extraordinary thru Dictation. As the technological era advances, that has been exceeded through Siri’s on Apple’s Mac lineup.

But to speak and listen to your Mac, you may hold Command and Space for some seconds. In case you are a user of a more modern Mac, just like the 2018 Pro, simply say ‘Hey Siri’. By large and far, this model of Siri is a whole lot greater helpful.

Beyond asking questions on weather, Siri on macOS Mojave can do much more for you. For instance, release apps for you.

Remember, press Command +Space and get to asking.

  • Run Windows

windows on mac

More often than not, Mac fans want to run Windows. Running Windows comes in handy when playing games or want to run some specific piece of software that cannot equal Mac.

Here are more tips and the most recommended methods to run Windows on your Mac. 

  • Take Screenshots like a Pro

For Windows users, taking screenshots can be a huge undertaking. There are several options: You can use the PrtSC key to snap the whole of your display. You can also use the Snipping Tool to capture apart. One thing to note is that some keyboards aren’t compatible with the shortcuts and taking a screenshot is a great deal of trouble. As luck would have it, on a Mac, the process is seamless.

It’s simple, simultaneously hold on to these buttons: Shift +Command + 3. Your image will be automatically be saved on your desktop. In the event you just want a portion of the screen, the shortcut is: Shift +Command + 4.

If you’re using a newer MacBook Pro (featuring the Touch Bar) here is how to take a screenshot. You press Shift-Command-6. No matter the case, taking a screenshot with a Mac is easy. You just need to memorize a handful of keystroke combos.

  • How to Type Exotic Characters

Exotic characters can also be called special characters. These are the letters you don’t see on your keyboard. But did you know you can access an array of special characters on your Mac?

Scenario: You may be familiar with typing accents like café (in which case you can hold down the E to access more options, or type Option +E then E again).

Navigate through to the Edit Menu of most apps and you’ll access Exotic Characters at the bottom. The panel gives you an array of symbols that you can drag into your documents.

  • How to Sign PDFs Right in Mail

Technological advances are revolutionizing the world and how we interact in it. Nonetheless, we’re still using squiggles on a piece of paper to consent to all manner of things. Let say you’re emailed a PDF to sign, you don’t have to a great deal of time printing it, signing it, then scanning it back: You can simply sign it right in Mail.

Dragging a PDF into the email you’re sending, and hovering it at the top right, will make a little button appear. When you click it, you’ll get a range of Markup options, including one for signing documents.

  • Sharing Things to Friends

In different places in OS X and macOS, there is an option of sharing things with friends and contacts. All this can be done in a little Share option button resembling an arrow going up out of a box. The best thing is that Macs keep track of whom you most often share stuff with.

  • How to Batch Rename Files

In versions of OS X before Yosemite, renaming a group of files at a time meant third-party software or running your renaming script using something like Automator or AppleScript. However, these days, you can simply select a group of files and then choose Rename from the right-click context menu or the drop-down button with a gear icon in Finder windows. By doing this, you have the option of adding text, replacing text, or applying formattings such as a name and an automatic incremental counter.

  • Split Screen in Your Mac

mac split screen

Working with two windows or applications side by side has been much easier since OS X 10.11 El Capitan thanks to the split-screen view. If you still have macOS Mojave or an earlier version, you can left-click the green button to maximize an app in the upper-left corner, and then drag it to the left or right side of the screen.


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