How to Schedule your Mac to Reboot


Scheduling your Mac to Reboot can have its benefits. You might have noticed that if you leave your Mac running for long periods without shutting down, it might get slow and sluggish. A scheduled Reboot on your Mac means that you can have a clear out of the junk and your software can start again.

Turn on Power Nap

If your Mac or MacBook is set to sleep mode then you will need to turn on Power Nap. Any Mac that will be sleeping during your chosen Reboot time will not do so. Turning on Power Nap will allow the setting to Reboot your Mac, even when it’s in sleep mode. You need to click the Apple logo in the top left-hand corner, then click System Preferences, then click Energy saver. Check the box next to ‘Enable power Nap‘, to turn it on.

energy saver

Schedule your Mac to Reboot

Once you have enabled Power Nap, click on ‘Schedule‘. From here you will be able to select a specific start time, sleep, restart or shut down. Just use the drop-down box to select a specific day or run every day. Click the time box to specify the time. Click ‘Apply‘ and the settings will save.

schedule your mac to reboot

Your Mac will follow the rules you set and it’s a good way to keep it running smoothly. That’s how you schedule your Mac to Reboot.

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