Mac Trackpad Gestures to make your work more Productive

Mac Trackpad Gestures to make your work more Productive

Welcome to the topic “Mac Trackpad Gestures to make your work more Productive.”

Efficiency is the key to becoming a productive person. If you’re spending time on tasks that could be completed faster, then it’s time to rethink your strategy. With any new piece of technology, there are always some handy tricks that can help you get things done quicker.

Mac offers tons of shortcuts to its users that you can use for various purposes and improve your work efficiency and productivity. These shortcuts come in handy for your creative tasks as well as when you are simply surfing.

Here are some simple Mac Trackpad gestures to make you work productive and save time and frustration.

The Claw-Pinch

This comes in handy when you are surfing or switching between the apps.

Place your thumb and three fingers, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger over the trackpad and pinch all together. This simple action will show you all applications and programs on the launchpad. If you want to switch between the applications, it easily beats manual navigation through to it.

Many users don’t remember about the launchpad while working. The launchpad shows all your apps in a grid, and it is the most under-used and overlooked Mac feature. But saves your time significantly.

Claw Pinch

This is another handy trackpad gesture that saves your time.

Put your three fingers and thumb together over the trackpad and expand them slowly. This will minimize all the open windows, and you can access your desktop.

If you use your desktop more or have various files and folders on your desktop, this claw pinch is the fastest way to access, and there is no need to minimize open windows manually.

Drag with Three Fingers

Moving folders, files, or apps around the desktop is difficult for most trackpad users. This is because there is not sufficient space on the trackpad to reach your place.

However, you fix this by dragging the files and folders with your three fingers. Highlight the icons or files that you want to relocate or move, and then out three fingers over the trackpad. Try to move them now, and you will not face any problems. You can do this without hold onto any keys.

However, before using this, you need to activate this feature from your settings. To do this, navigate to ‘System Preferences, then look for the ‘Accessibility’ feature and go into the ‘Pointer Control.’ Now click on the ‘Trackpad Options,’ and click on the ‘Enable dragging’ feature. Here you will see “Three-finger drag” in the menu; click on it.

This simple Mac trackpad gesture comes in handy when you want to move a lot of files at once.

Use Three Finger Swipe

Working with multiple programs at once isn’t easy because they may overlap and confuse things even when trying to do anything simple. If you find yourself constantly lost among all the open windows on your Mac, there is a way to be more productive.

To view every opened window, swipe up using your three fingers on the trackpad. Now you will see ‘Mission Control’ on your screen. It will show you all the open windows, and you can easily pick the one that you want to use.

Remember that you will have to do it with four-fingers in some Macs, especially in the older version.

Mac Trackpad Gestures to make your work more Productive
Mac Trackpad Gestures to make your work more Productive

The Force Click

If you are not aware of force clicking, we will show you that.

To force click, simply tap on any URL on your mac with your three fingers. This URL can be a simple web link, email address, street address, phone number, or any other link. Force clicking will show you all the necessary details about the link in a separate window.

For example, if you force click a website link, it will show the webpage’s preview. Similarly, if you tap an address, it will show you the map of the area. You can also use force click to highlight words and texts.

Just start using force click, and you will see how it improves your productivity.

Simple Two-Finger Swipe

Want to go back in your web browser without hitting the back button, just by swiping two fingers leftward over the trackpad. Going forward is also easy: swipe again to the right, and you’ll be on the previous page!

This trackpad trick is great if you want to rapidly go forward or backward without using the “back button.”.

Furthermore, this works for apps as well. In Calendar, this simple two-finger swipe will switch your view from month to year. If you are using this Mac trackpad gesture in QuickTime, it allows you to fast-forward or reverse.

In simple words, you use this trackpad gesture for a variety of applications and see the magic.

Simple Two-Finger Rotation

This two-finger rotation is ideal for frequent and quick photo manipulators.

Open a picture ‘Preview,’ and move your cursor over the window. Then place two fingers over the trackpad and gently rotate. The picture will move or rotate as you spin your fingers.

Sometimes the movements might be a bit unnatural, but rotating the images gets a lot quicker. For graphic designers or someone who is flipping through the pictures, this simple trackpad gesture can save a lot of time. Lastly, you can also use this for various applications such as Creative Suite, Adobe Photoshop, and more!

Save Time and Become more productive With these Trackpad Gestures

Once you get used to these trackpad gestures, you will see significant improvement in your work productivity and efficiency. With time and use, these gestures will become a habit and a routine. Your workflow will become smooth and a lot faster.

Lastly, if you haven’t been using these trackpad gestures, try the above mentioned ones and enjoy a whole new Mac experience.

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