No MacBook Announcement From the September 14 Apple Event but there are Some New Products


If you were hoping to see any announcement on MacBook or iMac then you will be disappointed to know that it wasn’t on Apple’s event on September 14, 2021. There are a number of new products that were announced but no talk of any new hardware or software surrounding the new iMac 2021. The Apple event didn’t disappoint though and a new watch, iPad and iPhone have been announced.

New iPad Mini

Starting off with what I am most interested in is the iPad Mini which now has an 8.3-inch display. The sixth-generation iPad mini also gets a touch ID power button. Something a lot of users will welcome. The iPad Mini will be available in a range of colours. It also adopts the USB-C connector. It will be significantly faster with the Apple A15 Bionic chip. The tablet is also thinner and lighter than the previous iPad Mini and you can shoot 4K videos. The price starts at £499/$499.

Series 7 Apple Watch

Rumour has it that the new Apple Watch would have a different design. However, Apple didn’t make a massive change and kept the same rounded face but it is a slightly larger display. In fact, it’s over 50% more screen area than the Series 3. The Series 7 is crack resistant, dust resistant and also water-resistant. Watch OS8 will be debut and comes with a number of features. The Series 7 has an 18 hours battery life and 8 minutes of charge will give you 8 hours of sleep tracking. The Series 7 comes in a number of different colours. The price starts at £399/$399.

New iPhone

The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max is probably the biggest announcement of the event. The new iPhones are pack with new features and offer much more than their predecessors. The camera seems to be the most improved with features such as macro photography and cinematic video mode. The iPhone 13 Pro will have a super retina XDR with a ProMotion display. The iPhone 13 Pro will have a larger battery and there is now a 1TB storage model option available. The Price for the iPhone 13 starts at £679/$699 and the iPhone 13 Pro starts at £949/$999.

This is only a quick rundown of what Apple announced today 14th September 2021. Like I mention, there are no new products are accessories for the Macbook or iMac. However, Apple never disappoints and some great products were announced today.

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