How to Manage Your MacBook’s Battery?


Battery is among the most important components of laptops and your MacBook would stop working as a portable device without one. Fortunately, Apple has added a durable and long-lasting battery in each unit of MacBook. Even so, it important to keep the battery working well, so it would last for a long time. You need to be aware that the durability of your battery depends on cycle counts. When the battery has reached specific cycle count, it will start to losing performance. Your MacBook will no longer stay operational as long after a full charge.

Regularly check your battery condition

If you want to check the current battery counts, hold the Option key and the click the Apple Menu. Go to System Information and choose Power. Examine the battery information and you will get plenty of useful details. You will know the current charge of the battery and how long it will last with current use. The page also mentions the current cycle count and the battery condition. If the battery state isn’t normal, then there’s something wrong it. Another important information is its current maximum capacity. As cycle counts go up, the maximum battery capacity will be reduced and performance will start to diminish.

Check what’s running

If you run multiple software in the background, it will eat up CPU, GPU and RAM resources. This means, the battery charge will continue to deplete, although you are not doing anything. In the menu bar, check the top right and click the battery icon. You will get a list of processes and apps that use the most battery power. You need to assess the use of battery power and consider closing apps that you don’t need. This should help improve battery life and you don’t need to recharge the MacBook as often. This means, you can minimise the cycle counts and keep your battery usable longer.

Reduce screen brightness

MacBook has vibrant, high resolution display and it consumes a lot of power, especially if you set the brightness level too high. Unless you are working outdoor, it is not necessary to make the display overly bright. If your room is slightly dim, it is more comfortable for your eyes if the display brightness is lowered. On the Mac dock, you should go to System Preferences. In Displays, you can adjust the brightness level. Untick “Automatically adjust brightness” and it’s better to manually adjust the brightness slider.

Disable wireless connectivity

Obviously, if you keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, they will run in the background and continue draining the battery life. If you can connect a cable directly from the router to the MacBook, you can disable the Wi-Fi connection. If you are working with a document and it’s not necessary to connect to the Internet, you can also disable the Wi-Fi connection. Many people find that they are less distracted when working with Internet connection disabled. Go to Control Center to disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.


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