Things To Do After Buying a New iMac


After you have properly set up the brand-new iMac on your table, you need to do the right thing to make the most of your new investment. You should do the following:

Get some adapters

Your iMac has a single USB-C port on the back. You will need a USB to USB-C adapter to improve compatibility with external storage, printer, digital camera, Android smartphone and other devices. If you have devices that support Thunderbolt technology, you also need a USB-C to Thunderbolt adapter.

Set up Time Machine

It should be the first thing to do with your new iMac. Time Machine is a backup feature and it’s easy to set up for beginners. Sometimes, your files get corrupted and you can’t open them properly. This can be very annoying, especially if you have been working with some work files. You can revert to the last known working state and backups of your files will be restored. Time Machine requires an external hard drive to store your files. Connect it to your iMac and go to System Preferences>Time Machine. Follow the instructions on the screen and it is easy to start backing up your files.

Set up iCloud drive

Instead of relying only on local storage, it is very convenient to store files in an iCloud drive. You can easily share files between iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone. Your new iMac will prompt you to immediately set up the iCloud account or you can log into your current iCloud account. Click Apple ID in the System Preferences. iCloud settings will open and you can decide what apps will use your iCloud drive. It is also possible to share some files with your friends, family and co-workers to improve productivity.

Check updates

It is important to keep your macOS fully updated, so it will remain stable, secure and usable. Because the iMac was manufactured and shipped months ago, its macOS version will be quite behind. Other than patching security holes and fixing bugs, you will also get new features. Go to the Apple menu and click About this Mac. In the Overview tab, look for the Software Update button. Click it to start checking for the latest update and download files. Depending on the size of updates and the Internet speed, it may take between a few minutes to a few hours to complete the update process.

Configure Touch ID

If you set up the new iMac in the workspace or you want to prevent your children from accessing the iMac, you should enable biometric authentication. There’s a Touch ID sensor on the keyboard of your brand-new iMac and it’s essentially a fingerprint scanner. Let the iMac register your fingerprint and it’s possible to add other people.

After initial set-ups and configurations, you can try opening websites, checking email, watching videos and do other tasks. Make sure that all features are working properly and if you spot certain issues, you need to contact Apple representatives immediately.


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