Six Bad Habits That Ruin Your MacBook’s Battery

macbook battery
MacBooks are known for their excellent battery life and they can reach up to 20 hours of runtime for video playback. However, there are things you do that can ruin your MacBook’s battery for good. Reckless multitasking macOS is an excellent multitasking platform, but it doesn’t mean you should keep all apps running simultaneously. If you have finished using an app...

5 Features Future MacBook Pro Should Have

Apple fans would testify that recent MacBook Pro models are truly satisfying and worthy upgrades of previous Pro models. Many professionals would choose the MacBook Pro without hesitation and they have no qualms about recommending these MacBook Pro models to friends and colleagues. Despite their good designs, stable software, practical features, and excellent performance, there is still some room...

The New Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air: Specs and Price

In an effort to seize a more significant portion of the market, Apple aims to increase the number of laptops it sells next year that are powered by its newly developed, more powerful in-house CPUs. Since Apple stopped supplying the 11-inch variant in 2015, the company has only made one size of the MacBook Air available for purchase. There...

Things That May Damage Your MacBook

For many people, MacBook is among their most expensive gadgets, but they may still damage it accidentally. Fortunately, you can learn from the past mistakes of MacBook owners to make yours long-lasting. Despite its excellent construction and overall high quality, your MacBook isn’t indestructible. There are different things that can damage your MacBook and here are the likeliest ones: Scratched...

Five Bad Habits of MacBook Users

bad habits of MacBook user
MacBooks are among the most stylish laptops in the market and they are comparatively pricey compared to regular Windows laptops. For many people, MacBooks are one of their prized possessions, so they want to maintain and take care of them. Despite their good quality and excellent manufacturing process, many MacBook users have bad habits that may potentially damage their...

Apple MacBook Air M2 (2022) Quick Look

macbook air 2022
Since the release of its proprietary M-series processors, Apple has been busy taking full advantage of its potential. The brand-new MacBook Air M2 (2022) is the newest iteration of Apple’s laptop series. It continues to promise elegant visual design, excellent functionality, and adequate performance. MacBook Air M2 Design In terms of design, the new MacBook seems to mimic the earlier and more...

Which MacBook Should You Buy in 2022?

If you walk into an Apple Store, you will find a few MacBook options, with different sizes and hardware specifications. After factoring in their features, performance, and price tag, it can be difficult to find the right fit. We will provide you with some guidance to get the best MacBook model for your personal preferences and requirements in 2022: M2...

Things To Do When Buying a New MacBook

When it’s time for you to buy a brand-new MacBook, there should be a game plan for safe and proper migration. Whether you had a Windows laptop or another older MacBook before, it is important to continue your current productivity. Back up data Before migrating to a new device, it is important to back up data from your previous laptop or...

Things New MacBook Owner Should Know

new MacBook owner
Many computer users use Windows PC all their lives and they haven’t tried alternative platforms, like Linux and macOS. If you finally make the decision to purchase a brand-new MacBook, there could be some important questions to ask. Here are a few facts about your MacBook and something every new MacBook owner should know. Don’t fully charge your battery It’s fairly...

How M2 SoC Improves Graphics Performance of Current MacBooks

m2 macbook
MacBook Pro 13 (2022) is currently the only MacBook with the brand-new M2 System-on-Chip, which promises better performance and features compared to the earlier M1 series. There are rumors that the next MacBook Air will also be upgraded to M2 SoC. It is immediately clear that the M2 SoC will be the next technological advancement for the upcoming Mac...